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Stop by Our Beauty Salon for a Rejuvenating Facial Treatment!

Have you heard that early signs of aging start at age 25? So it’s a perfect age for you to be getting a facial treatment regularly. However, everyone has different reasons for pampering his or her skin. There are people who just want to enjoy the feeling of getting their skin treated while others do it to gain self-confidence. You become confident in mingling with people if you’ve already gotten rid of those horrible deep-seated blackheads on your face. And then you meet some people who hit the beauty bars for mere relaxation. Need to feel pampered? Design Hair, Nails & Spa, in Oceanside, CA, is the beauty salon to visit today.

Facial treatment service

Whatever is your reason for getting facials, we’ve got you covered. We have experienced estheticians who were trained in skin care treatments. They will examine your skin, and afterward, they will suggest the treatment suited for your skin type. It is guaranteed that all our treatments will leave your skin clear, smooth, and glowing. Trust us to give you a refreshed look with our facials!

Organic products

We use superior natural beauty products for the face. The organic beauty products we use are made of plant-based ingredients and fruit extracts. Organic skin care products are known to stimulate cell rejuvenation, leaving your skin naturally glowing from the inside out. We make sure that we use safe, organic products because we have a commitment to quality service. We also want our customers to make empowered decisions. And you do make an empowered decision every time you choose organic and cruelty-free skin care products.

The regimen

Typically our face treatment follows these steps: consultation, cleansing, skin analysis, steaming, exfoliation, extractions, facial mask, toner/serum/moisturizer application; and all that is finished off with advice on skin care at home. Yet we also apply this specific regimen as a supplementary treatment. However, it is subject to change, depending on the client’s preference. The regimen begins with aromatherapy using essential oils. Then a nourishing collagen facial mask will be applied to hydrate your face, as well as a lip mask to plump lips. Ice globes will also be introduced to minimize pores and to leave your skin rejuvenated.

Wanna look your best? It all starts with taking care of your skin. Design Hair, Nails & Spa, in Oceanside, CA, is the beauty salon you can stop by today for a refreshing facial treatment. Call (760) 721-4876 to book an appointment with us!