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Beauty Salon Serving Carlsbad, CA

Being pampered is one way people enjoy spending their past time.  It is important that those who give them that moment of care know well what they are doing.  A beauty salon specialist can have a lot of creative ideas for one to be pampered.  It gives you the chance to play a game of fashion. All you need to do is lie down or sit there and just tell what your choices are while the salon workers make sure the end result matches your expectations.  But the time spent there must also be a comfortable experience.


A woman at our beauty salon near Carlsbad, CA

We, Design Hair, Nails & Spa in Oceanside, CA, have been in this creative field of beauty salon managing for over 15 years.  In those years, we have learned to precisely hit what each unique customer wants from our treatments.  We have learned to do the job in a way that makes our customers feel relaxed and at home.  And we even learned how to get them trusting what our output for them will be so they could just close their eyes and not worry about it but in fact, be excited what will come out as a product even without their close attention.


Our beauty salon ‘Oceanside, CA’ offers you manicure treatment, pedicure, eyelash extensions, brow threading and more.  We do all these using only the top-grade products and equipment.  The result will not only be beautiful, it will also last long so we could add to your enjoyment even if it means you will not have to keep coming back to us to keep up that beautiful result, even though that beautiful result will for sure make you want to keep coming back to us.  You will enjoy and even gain both in the short and long run from our quality service.  We even give special offers to add to the taste of our treat for you.

We, Design Hair, Nails & Spa of Oceanside, CA, can pamper you to your liking. Give us a call at (760) 721-4876.