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Nail Salon Serving Carlsbad, CA

Do you need a place to chill on when you’re stressed from work?

You are welcome to visit here at Design Hair, Nails & Spa. We are your reliable nail spa salon here in Oceanside, CA. We provide satisfying nail services that you will definitely love. From cleaning to polishing, we make sure we do our services neat and in place. We want to achieve the best care for your nails! Here are the benefits you’ll get if you trust us to do nail service:

  • Gorgeous nails – If you want to have polished nails that you really want, you can have it polished by us. We have different sets of nail polish that you can choose. Plus, if you want to have nail art, we also have them. It’s either you can customize it, or you can choose based on our brochure. It’s up to you on how you want your nails to look like.
  • Well-groomed nails – Before polishing or having nail art, we groom your nails first. Grooming entails cleaning your nails and removing the dead cuticles. It’s one way for your nails to look fresh and neat. If you feel that your nails are dirty already, visit us to have them groomed. It’s an essential part of personal grooming. Since our hands and nails are exposed to dirt, we must keep it maintained. It prevents us from having a bacterial infection.

Getting your nails done is a relaxing experience. Plus, it also makes you look more beautiful and well-groomed. If you come to Design Hair, Nails & Spa to have your nails done, we make sure that you can have wonderful nails. See the difference that our nail experts can do with your nails. You will be amazed at how we transform your nails into something chic.

Visit our nail spa salon today and have that wonderful nails you’ve always dreamed of! We’re located at Oceanside, CA. We’re open from Mondays to Sundays from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM. We also do services such as eyebrow threading, hair styling, waxing, and facials.


Book an appointment with us today! Call us at (760) 721-4876. We also accept walk-ins.