What Does a Nail Spa Salon Drill Do?

A nail spa salon drill is an electrical tool which is used to shape nails. These drills are commonly used in the likes of spas and beauty parlors and are not really bought for personal use. In point of fact, for safety reasons, it is advisable when these kinds of drills are only used by trained and experienced nail technicians. The main purpose behind these is to file down nails to an aesthetically pleasing length and size. They are used in conjunction with traditional manual files too.

Most of these drills resemble thick pens. They are made to fit comfortably in a person’s hand. The nib is, in fact, a round file, when the drill is operational, the file will rotate rapidly. A nail drill works very much like a sander, only just for a small area of a body. When the drill is on, and the nib is gently rubbed on a nail, layers are quickly taken off.

For people that have thick and tough finger or toenails. a nail drill helps to thin and reshape them. Very thick nails usually take a while to file when using a hand file, which is why an electric nail drill will get the job done in record time and in a more efficient manner.

It is common for nail drills to be used in spa treatments, mainly for the application of acrylic nails. Whichever artificial nails are being applied, a nail drill will come in handy. The reason behind this is before applying the artificial nail material, the tops of a person’s fingernails have to be first filed down. This makes a rough surface which the artificial nail will adhere to better. Prior to this, the top of a fingernail is generally to smooth to attach the artificial nail to.

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